Friday, March 4, 2022

thesketchbookproject FIRE UPDATE: Around 640 out of 750 boxes are now in St Pete, FL. The rest of the books were left on the moving trailer because they were in the main area of the fire and could not yet be removed. Since, we have hired two amazing folks from @taskrabbit to comb through and find salvageable sketchbooks in Baltimore. It's been a bit more successful than we initially thought, but it's still hard to say since we have not yet seen these books. Back at the new Library space, we have begun sorting books into 3 sections: books that are safe, books that will need some love, and books that are lost. The process is difficult to comb through, especially where exterior boxes have burned and left books scattered around, but in the coming days we plan to hire more help with this. We've ended up with around 15 bags of books that were collected by the generous community members @ggwobaltimore .With those books, around half were great, 25% are salvageable and being attended to, and about 25% of those were really damaged beyond repair. We are making notes of names where we can still read the barcode and will begin compiling all of this in the next few weeks into a dashboard that will allow artists to check the status of their book. Thanks so much for all the kind words and support, it really means the world to us to see our community stand behind us in this devastating time. Please donate. Thanks for your support #sketchbookproject @SketchbookProject

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