Monday, February 26, 2024

Explore the mysterious and intriguing world of Pascal Lecocq, The Painter of Blue ®. This piece, titled "CURIEUSE - Onlooker", is a captivating work created using inks on paper. Measuring 32.5 x 50cm, or 13”x20”, this artwork (Lec003ze) was created in 1976 and is currently available for purchase. If you're interested in owning this unique piece, feel free to make an offer or message me directly. As always, your support and appreciation for art is greatly valued. © pascal lecocq #window #keyhole.#art #blue #painterofblue #painting #painter #artist #photooftheday #theartdex Thanks to follow @bluepainter357 Please note: All rights and reproductions are reserved by Pascal Lecocq.

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