Monday, August 10, 2020

CONCORDE, PORTRAIT OF GONZAGUE SAINT BRIS - oil on canvas by Pascal Lecocq, The Painter of Blue ®, 130 x 97cm, lec033, 1979, former coll. G. Saint Bris, Paris, France © pascal lecocq. Published in Figaro magazine (France, o6/1979) Il magazine (France, o6/1979), Il magazine (France 02/1980) , le Quotidien de Paris (France, 01/1981), Paris Match (France, 10/1986), cover of the book: La Bataille Romantique, by A.L. Sire and G. Brochard ( France, 1980) In loving memory G. Saint Bris (1948 - Aug 8th 2017) ' Pastiche of Chateaubriand's portrait by A-L. Girodet (1810) More about G. Saint Bris and Pascal at: #gonzaguesaintbris37 #gonzaguesaintbris #chateaubriand #girodet #art #blue #painterofblue #painting #painter #artist #photooftheday #theartdex #pint Thanks to Follow @bluepainter357

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