Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Feb, Diventures magazine, p34-35

Diventures magazine

New year, new view of Diventuress magazine. As usual, we try to bring you all the latest in the world of diving, environment and marine biology
In this number, we present to you the news of diving during the past month in Egypt, the Arab world and the world.
We present to you our usual doors Bahrulovi, marine environment, and diving medicine, as we present to you one of our new doors for 2021 is the door of a diving site, we will travel you in the Red Sea and around the world to see new diving sites every month from Around the world, what distinguishes this site and how to dive into it
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We would also like to thank all the creators who shared the success of 2020 with their creative artwork and footage, for using as a cover of the magazine
- Ali bin third… UAE
- Pascal Lecocq… France
- Omar Saad… Egypt
- Nisreen Jan… Saudi Arabia
- Kim Hofnagle… America
- Ali Hassan… Egypt
- Robert Stansfield… England
- Which Dave Trip… Egypt
- Mirko (Abonouh)… Germany
- Shane Reynolds… America

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