Friday, April 23, 2021

CALENDAR: TAURUS - Oil on canvas by Pascal Lecocq, The Painter of Blue ®, 20”x20” 51x51cm, 2010, lec816, Available, prints too. #zodiac #taurus #bullshark #art #blue #painterofblue #painting #painter #artist #photooftheday #theartdex #pint Thanks to follow @bluepainter357 Part of my serie of Zodiac Signs, I painted a Bull shark for Taurus. That was also a way to work on a classical theme like The Rape of Europe, but you bet she’s the one who tried to catch the bull with the net (including the 12 stars of the European flag), the net, stuck on the shark’s teeth catching Europa’s leg… we call this in French: l’arroseur arrosé, in English: the biter bitten (?) or been hoisted by his own petard (?).

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