Sunday, May 8, 2022

Awards for Influential Pictures, Videos & Stories for OCEAN GEOGRAPHIC Pictures of the Year Competition 2022. Inspiring Love with Images & recognitions named in Honour of the Masters. Competition is judged by luminaries of Ocean Arts & Science: E.Kristof, Dr G.Allen, D.Perrine,E.Brooks, V.Taylor, Dr.C.Wallace, Dr.P.Lecocq, N.Coleman, S.Frinck, B.Skerry, Dr.W.Hamner, Dr.A.Mustard, M.Aw, D.Doubilet, Dr.S.Earle, H.Hall. On it’s tenth year, the Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Awards is one of the most longstanding and influential underwater imagery competitions. Stay tuned for the CREATIVE VISION The Pascal Lecocq Award of Excellence announcement. More infos at #ogpicoty #uwphotocompetition #art #blue #painterofblue #painting #painter #artist #photooftheday #theartdex Thanks to follow @bluepainter357

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