Friday, April 19, 2024

HAPPY ZODIAC SIGN : TAURUS “Unveiling the Taurus: Pascal Lecocq’s ‘Calendar: Taurus’ is a captivating blend of the celestial and the marine. This oil on canvas masterpiece, part of the artist’s Zodiac series, features a bull shark symbolizing Taurus. The painting weaves a tale of power and resilience, with Europa ensnaring the bull in a net adorned with the 12 stars of the European flag. A classic theme reimagined, it’s a testament to the unexpected turns of fate, or as the French say, ‘l’arroseur arrosé’. Available for purchase, this 20”x20” (51x51cm) artwork from 2010 (LEC816) continues to inspire. #ZodiacArt #Taurus #BullShark” 🎨🌌🦈 #art #blue #painterofblue #painting #painter #artist #photooftheday #theartdex Thanks to follow @bluepainter357

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